Dinge, die ich gern früher gewusst hätte

Veröffentlicht am 21. Januar 2023
Weitere Artikel zu Lebensweisheiten & Tipps

Dinge, die ich schon gerne mit 22 gewusst hätte – folgende Aufzählung habe ich auf den Sozialen Medien gefunden und für interessant empfunden:

  1. use workouts to gain muscle – diet to burn fat – and cardio to improve your overall health & longevity
  2. eat a high protein diet comprised of whole food for the best body composition
  3. when lifting weights, use your mind to muscle connection to increase muscle contraction
  4. upon walking dring water before coffee
  5. delay coffee for 1-2 hours upon waking – this let coritos clear out adenosine, which can lead to sustained energy into the afternoon
  6. use your nose for smelling & breathing – use your mouth for talking, tasting & eating
  7. mouth breathing disrupts sleep, ruins oral health & can cause sleep apnea – mouth taping at night helped me solve this
  8. mouthwash is the biggest dental scam – kills your oral microbiota – avoid!
  9. avoid fluoride in your toothpaste – use one that have hydroxyapatite
  10. sleep at the same time every day – align your body with the rising & setting of the sun
  11. the 321 method for besser sleep: no eating 3 hours before bed – no liquids 2 hours before – no screens 1 hour before
  12. if you look at screens at night, war blue light blockers
  13. you sleep for 1/3 of your entire life – learn how to optimize it an make it as awesome as possible
  14. memory is fallible – when you have a good idea write it down immediately
  15. your best ideas come in the shower, walking or in the gym – keep a notepad ready!
  16. peel a boiled egg by rolling it around your plate for awhile until all the shells are cracked – this makes it easy to remove the complete shell in on shot
  17. close the toilet bowl when flushing to avoid particles of filth spouting up into your bathroom athmosphere
  18. the more you criticize others, the more you criticize yourself – if you want to judge yoursell less, judge ohters less
  19. stay away from people who always complain – they are energy vampires
  20. stay away from people who gossip – the are most likely gossiping about you
  21. learn a martial art to increase discipline, confidence & release stress
  22. seek rejection daily – this numbs you to the feeling – also, you only get what you ask for
  23. take complete ownership for every result in your life – the only constant in every result is you
  24. when someone is walking in your path look at their shoulder closet to you – 8 time out of 10 they will move out of the way
  25. be in rooms where you’re the dumbest person – work out at gyms where you are the least fit person
  26. when you feel an emotion don’t numb it – it will only make it feal worse later – feel it fully then let it go – emotion is energy, we must let it pass
  27. you can tell a lot about someons’s character by how they treat service staff
  28. money & alcohol amlify who a person is at their core
  29. when someone shows you their true colors believe them
  30. a few months a year go monke mode – eliminate all distractions & vices and use that energy to build health & business
  31. who you chosse as a partner will determine your level of peace, wealth & happiness
  32. your perception is reality – if you want a better reality change your perception
  33. you will never be as young as you are now – do what you fell you’re meant to do
  34. your best decisions come from stillness – stillness is amplified in nature & mediation
  35. you can only get stronger when you face problems in life – embrace the fucking struggle
  36. show up, do the work & seek ways to grow – do this every day & watch what happens
  37. no one cares – work harder
  38. trust people who say “I don’t know” more than the people who have all the answers
  39. seek feedback from those in the arena – not from the ones who are boo’ing from the cheap seats
  40. instead of giving your kids what you wish you had, teach them things you wish you knew
  41. keep a small circle – it’s better to go narrow & deep than wide & shallow
  42. true wealth is about being physically & financially healthy while living in an household full of love

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